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Known for value-oriented hardgoods for the campsite, Kelty breaks into the burgeoning world of CBD salves, creams, and sprays.

Tired from a long day backpacking? Up to now, Kelty has offered a line of camp chairs, sun shades, tents, and more to help you relax and recover. But now, the hardgoods brand known for providing respectable gear for those on a budget wants to appeal to your softer side — specifically, with balms and lotions to ease your aching muscles.

“At Kelty, we’re all about spontaneous adventures, getting outside, goofing around, and having fun,” said Russ Rowell, Kelty senior vice president and general manager. “Thanks to our new CBD products, we now offer another tool to help you go farther, higher, and faster — and to bounce back more quickly when you do.”

Beginning today, Kelty rolls out with a roll-on gel stick, salve, cream, “after sun” lotion, and two sprays — one anti-itch, the other antibacterial. But the real differentiators, according to Kelty, are twofold: Everything is specifically formulated for pain relief, and it uses made-in-USA, FDA-approved ingredients.

Kelty CBD: What, Why, How?

When we asked, “Why CBD?” Kelty essentially told us, “Why not?”

“The surprise and intrigue we’re getting by launching CBD is not new to us, and we welcome it. We’ve been getting reactions like that for years, even as far back as when we started as a brand,” Rowell said. “At that time, a backpack brand that introduced sleeping bags was very surprising. People thought we should just stick with